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Note: Before calling, please ensure you are dialling the correct line. If you are a director of a UK company and need urgent advice on issues such as cash flow and financial uncertainty call our Distressed Directors Advice Line on 01268 912 120.

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Welcome to Begbies Traynor Group in Basildon. Our team of licensed insolvency practitioners and business turnaround specialists are here to support you and your business in dealing with insolvency, and offer a range of closure and rescue options.

It is important to understand your legal obligations as a director of an insolvent company. Failing to comply with insolvency regulations can lead to repercussions on a personal level, and we will make sure you follow the correct route.

Our wide range of services for businesses and company directors include Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL), which formally closes down a company that is beyond rescue and recovery. 

We can provide reliable guidance on the insolvent liquidation process, including the best time to place your company into liquidation, and are also available for appointment as liquidators.

An alternative to CVL is to wait for a creditor to forcibly wind up your company. This is not recommended, however, as it leaves you open to accusations of wrongful trading and can lead to personal liability for some of the company’s debts.

If your business can be saved we will offer advice and practical support for various insolvency solutions, including company administration and Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA).

Company administration can be particularly suitable for businesses experiencing severe creditor pressure. It offers an eight-week ‘breathing space’ during which time no creditor legal action can be taken.

Coronavirus continues to be a challenging issue for businesses, and with an ever-changing economic landscape, professional advice on the best solutions is paramount for companies to survive.

Our Basildon office is easily accessed from good road and public transport links in the area, but we also operate a network of other offices, including Southend and Chelmsford. Additionally, we offer video and telephone consultations so you can obtain the advice you need promptly.

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